I was born in Tehran. I always had and still have a great enthusiasm to help sick people, and those who care to be healthy and happy.

About four years ago (2008), I met a friend who was graduated from Shiatsu School in Italy – Florence. She acquainted me with rudimentary concepts of Shiatsu. After obtaining brief knowledge about Shiatsu I decided to learn it from A to Z. It took few months that I understood there wasn't reliable schools or teaching centers in Iran; and even in neighboring countries. Therefore, I decided to look after Western countries.

The London Zen School of Shiatsu, was one of those that met my requirements. Combining Chinese art of body with Western Academic principles was the main issue that caught my eyes to go to London. This school also accredited by the Middlesex University. Professional masters and highly trained staff make this School as a best place to learn the art of body. I've started my study on May 2010, and passed all the exams within shortest possible time – it took one year instead of studying two years intensive courses.


I've got my Diploma Advance Shiatsu and became Shiatsu therapist-practitioner. I am also a member of Shiatsu Practitioners in Britain.   

Now, I am working on a plan to assist people who really need to balance their mind and body by using the art of Shiatsu. Currently I'm planning to introduce basics of Shiatsu to those who interested to learn.

It should be noted that in most developed countries Shiatsu is a well-known therapy. I hope that people of Iran get some benefit from Shiatsu therapy in near future.


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کلیه حقوق این وب سایت متعلق است به هنگامه عنابستانی و هرگونه کپی برداری با ذکر منبع بلامانع است.